Day 4

I am going to try to write SOMETHING more interesting this time than I usually do… however this is a warning – this post is going to be long…

I woke up with Brent this morning because I wanted to get a start on the day, but I was still tired. I know it’s only been 3 days, but I have to say, I am a bit bummed. One of the things this diet is supposed to do for me is give me more energy, and so far, I’m not feeling it. It’s probably too early. Plus I have been running myself ragged!

I did weigh myself and that helped me wake up a bit (don’t tell the whole30 people I weighed myself haha) – I’ve lost 5.4 pounds in only 3 days! I’m so excited! And I haven’t been hungry at all! I do miss my drinks like I mentioned before, but this diet is easier than I expected. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not EASY. It’s MUCH easier to be able to grab whatever you want and eat it and not have to worry about cooking so much! But as long as I do cook ahead, it is a lot easier than I thought it would be. I’m pleasantly surprised about that.

So anyway, I made Brent’s lunch – a salad, a chopped up apple, and some berries. I am trying to get him to eat more fruits. Supposedly on this whole30, you are only supposed to have one serving of fruit a day, but we are the same on our weight loss and that’s just not fair…he doesn’t need to lose any weight! Plus, I worry that he’s not eating enough calories anyway. And I was told that if you want to lose weight on a paleo diet, you should only eat 1-2 servings of fruit a day, but if you aren’t concerned with weight loss then you can have as much fruit as you want.. So obviously I’m sticking to one serving a day, but I’m trying to stuff Brent with a lot more haha.

 So, before I could start cooking at all, I had to do dishes. I CANNOT even think straight in my kitchen if I have dirty dishes in the sink! Once the dishes were done, I made my marinade for my “d*** fine chicken”. It is supposed to marinate overnight, but I figured it can marinate through the day. The recipe calls for drumsticks, but I don’t like drumsticks, so I ended up with a mix of boneless, skinless thighs and boneless skinless breasts.

 While that was marinating, I made breakfast…No scotch egg with this morning! YAY! (which, just for reference, I made with homemade sausage substituting the pork for organic turkey of course!) Everyone keeps telling me how much parsnips taste JUST like potatoes. So, I decided to make some parsnip home fries and fried eggs. I peeled and diced up 2 parsnips, put them in the microwave with a little water to soften them up, and let them cook for 5 minutes. When they were done, I put some coconut oil in my pan over medium-hi heat, and when the oil was hot, added my parsnips and salt and pepper. I took the parsnips out, added a little more coconut oil and fried 2 eggs (free range of course). It was really good. And a good departure from a scotch egg. The parsnips definitely taste (to me anyway) like a mix of a potato and a carrot. I like them. They don’t seem starchy at all to me though, so I was wondering how they would do in a mash.

After breakfast, Lilli woke up. I fed her breakfast and gave her a bath and we played a bit. I tried cooking, but she wouldn’t have it! She needed me to play with her. So after playing a while, I decided it was nap time. I needed it more than she did I think! I was SO tired! We slept for about an hour and a half and then we got up and shared a plate of leftover pot roast with carrots and parsnips for lunch. Then we had some errands to run. We didn’t get home till about 5pm! I hate errands! But I was able to get some fruit for Brent so he stops losing weight and I needed a cheesecloth so I could make my clarified butter so I can make my home-made mayo, so I can make my spinach-artichoke dip for the shower on Saturday. The recipe calls for cashew cream, but I can’t find any raw cashews, so I decided to make it with mayo.  I think it might taste better too – more like the real thing.  Only no cheese 😦   I also had to get more organic ground beef for the sun dried tomato meatballs for the shower. I re-read the recipe and it said that one recipe served a small family with no leftovers. I figured if I was going to make them for a big group, I’d better make double!

 So, as I write, my cauliflower parsnip mash is cooking … one small note, I tried making it the way she said on her recipe, but it wasn’t working.  The veggies weren’t getting soft  So I decided to boil them and drain them like I would mashed potatoes.  I will add in chicken stock and salt and pepper. Also, for the mash, I decided to only do cauliflower and parsnip even though the recipe called for carrots also. I just doubled the parsnips! I didn’t want it to be too sweet. My chicken is in the oven – almost done, and I’ll put in my roasted green beans pretty soon. I am just going to toss them in olive oil, salt and pepper and roast them at 425 for 12-15 minutes. I am hoping everything turns out good. I’ll let you know tomorrow. For now, I’m really tired so I’m just gonna watch TV until this is all done. Goodnight!


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