Day 14 & 15

Well, this is becoming a habit.  I forgot to blog again last night.  Maybe I should just blog in the mornings… Well, I didn’t get to bed until almost midnight and I got up at 4:30, so with this lack of sleep, I doubt I’ll remember to blog tonight, so I’ll do 2 days in one…

Saturday I found a recipe for banana nut porridge.  I have been looking for SOMETHING different to do for breakfast and even though I was skeptical, I decided to try it.  So when I went shopping, I got the ingredients for it. I soaked my nuts overnight Saturday to Sunday and then yesterday morning made it.  It was quick and easy and SO good!  It tasted like a banana nut muffin, but in hot cereal form. It was creamy and crunchy and sweet and delicious!  I highly encourage you to try it.  I had only a small bowl – maybe 1/4-1/3 of a cup, and I was not hungry until the afternoon.  Which came in handy…

For lunch, we went to a going away lunch for a friend of ours – she’s going to Bolivia today. 😦 We went to Longhorn Steakhouse.  Everyone was very accommodating to go there because that is pretty much the only place in town we can eat on this diet.  The wait was about an hour long and then once we FINALLY got seated, the wait to order was long (not sure how long) and to actually get our food was probably 45 minutes.  We got there at around 12:30 and didn’t actually eat until after 2:30.  But it was good.  Maybe a bit too good.  I got a grilled chicken breast with tomato basil salsa and a double helping of green beans.  I told them I wanted my green beans steamed with no butter, and while my friends tasted them and assured me there was no butter, they tasted too good to not have butter.  I think I cheated accidentally. But I did my best and hopefully it won’t screw me up.  Brent and I decided we just won’t eat out again until this diet is over.

When we got home, I took a little nap (Brent and Lilli were napping and I was jealous so I decided to join them). Then it was off to cooking.  I made a homemade BBQ sauce for a pulled pork I’m planning on making Tomorrow, I made a cream of tomato soup which tastes pretty darn good, I made a sweet and savory quiche, which I haven’t tried yet, but looks and smells amazing, and I made Italian baked eggs.  Before I could make the quiche or baked eggs, I needed to make my own sausage.  I believe I already posted the link to the breakfast sausage before, but just in case, there it is.  I also put a pork loin in the oven for Brent to use on his salads for lunches through the week.

For dinner, I was so tired of cooking (and it was so late) that we just had leftover hamburgers.  I know, I know – hamburgers 3 nights in a row! We are crazy!  but when you are as tired as we were, you just don’t care.  By the time the pork roast was done, it was almost midnight.  So, I’m running on just over 4 1/2 hours sleep as I said before…

So today, I had an italian baked egg…I made some slight modifications.  Instead of using ground beef like the recipe called for, I made it with sausage because I had extra and it is breakfast after all.  It is really good, but I do thing ground beef would have tasted better.  Second, I tried to make it ahead.  I made the base of it last night and put it in the fridge. Then this morning, I cranked my oven to 400 and cracked an egg in the ramekin and baked it for 7 minutes…not done…5 more…not done…5 more…not done…5 more…done!  I did keep opening the oven to look at it each time, so I think tomorrow (or whenever I have it again) I will pop it in the oven for 20 minutes and leave it alone while I get ready.

For lunch today I am planning on having a hamburger (yes again – get over it – I like hamburgers lol) and a bowl of cream of tomato soup.  I am hoping to get a mid morning snack where I can have a small bowl of the banana nut porridge.  I also brought raw veggies to snack on if I get hungry later in the day.

For dinner tonight we are having slow cooker cheater pork stew.  I prepped everything and put it in the slow cooker bowl last night.  Brent will start it before he leaves for work and by the time he gets home it should be good to go.  I will let you know tomorrow how it turned out. Well, I’m running late for work so I’d better go.  Hopefully I can stay awake today…


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